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A New Masonic Year Down Under

The Geelong lodge of Unity and Prudence an update on the last Masonic year.

A new masonic year is upon us with a Grand Officer going into the chair again. We were

left with a hole as both the JW & SW dropped out. The JW is an actor and was offered a

film roll so had to drop our for a couple of years. The installation will be done by a Grand

team as I’ve mentioned before, this time headed by a Past Grand Master, MWBro Don

Reynolds. The last time I spoke to him when he was GM about recognising UK PGR he

said if I was ever to get a Grand collar I would need to get a new dinner suit as mine has a

pattern in the weave. Its the same one I wore at St Philip. (I wont be getting a collar any

time soon.)

Over the last twelve months the Master has carried out 8 ceremonies not including his

installation with the other three taking care of lodge business some of which were of a

disciplinary nature so he didn't have a totally happy year. I probably attended half a

dozen meetings, mainly the shorter ones. It may seem daft but “we Australians” spend

so much time in flip flops (thongs here), and trainers that its hard wearing proper shoes.

Our August meeting was obligating the incoming Master. In addition the Master thought it

would be a good idea if we all re-took our obligation in the first degree.

The IPM took the place of the candidate kneeling in front of the pedestal with the

deacons on either side of him. We all then gathered behind with our right hands on the

right shoulders of the brother in front of them all repeating the obligation. There were

times when some of us tried to give the obligation as well rather than receive it but it did

go down rather well. The Master commented later that he felt quite moved by it.

It will be our 175 year celebration next year so U & P have asked UGLE if they have a

copy of our original 1848 Warrant as ours was destroyed or mislaid when The Grand

Lodge of Victoria was formed and they issued new warrants.

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