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A Pommie Down Under part 2

Australian Freemasonry

One of my first actions when retiring down-under, was to find a Lodge that i could join, that happened to be Geelong Lodge of Unity and Prudence No5, which was consecrated back in 1848. Now being that old, you would expect some interesting ritual, but, following Australia's secession from direct rule from Westminster in 1901, The Grand Lodge of Victoria was firmly established.

Whilst most of the written word, with some minor changes, allowed me to know enough, but there were still a few unsuspecting variances, just enough to trip up an unexpecting POM. The floor work however was something different, and was quite complicated at first.

To be honest, UK ritual pales into insignificance in comparison, and a great deal of practice is required to get it right. The detailed ritual makes the ceremony longer. None of the work is done on the Square Pavement, but on the surrounding carpet.

Another big surprise, was that The UGLE has no relevance or standing down here, my UK Provincial Rank was not recognised, and i was "busted" back to a PM, and not allowed to wear any UK regalia, not even a breast jewel. I will however, continue to wear my ST Philip Centenary jewel with pride, or at least until i am told otherwise

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