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A Pommie Mason Down Under

Hi, or should l say G'Day.

My name is Dave Pritchard, and l am pleased to be an Honouray Member of St Philp Lodge, and former Master.

My aim is to give a light hearted look at Freemasonry in Aus, what l like and what l miss.

I welcome any questions and suggestions, so don't be shy.


Why Australia, well apart from the weather, and having family living here, it took serious heart condition in our Grand-daughter, to convince us to move.

Little Scarlett, was diagnosed with a heart problem, which meant that she had to undergo a heart transplant, at the Royal Children's Hospital in Melbourne, thankfully she is now 13 years old and doing well.

At the time both Gill and myself were travelling backwards and forwards to Australia, and at one point we were only home for 10 days when we got a call to say things were critical.

Not waiting for a blood match, they operated on what was the first ever mis-match transplant.

After all of this it seemed like a permanent move down-under was the only answer, after all, who wouldn't want to move over 10, 000 miles away from all your friends?

After a little wait for the paperwork, we were on our way, to be with the family, in the sunshine, and enjoy my retirement, and l can now say it was one of the best decisions l have ever made.

Freemasonry, and in particular, St Philip Lodge, played a huge part of my life in the UK, so l made a point of looking for a Lodge that would take a POM, and as it happens, the good folk of, The Geelong Lodge of Unity and Prudence N0.5 were happy to accept me into their ranks.

Next time l will be looking into the Lodge in particular, in the meantime stay safe, happy and enjoy your Freemasonry

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07 de abr. de 2022

I hope you like the wording Dave, i will use your notes to add to this, keep the

content coming

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